Client: Classified Retailer
Status: Completed June 2021
Role: Party Wall Surveyor
Sector: Residential

The property is a semi-detached house. It shares a party wall with the right-hand adjoining property, but no demolition or cutting in was required on the party wall. The ground floor rear comprised a large opening. The Building Owner’s works also involved digging a trance 600 mm deep by 1000 mm wide, together with underpinning as necessary. The works are within three metres of the right-hand Adjoining Owner and would be subject to a Section 6 Notice. The left-hand Adjoining Owner was separated by a path and garden. The distance between the buildings exceeds three metres. Thus, it was not necessary to serve a Section 6 Notice on the left hand Adjoining Owner. Consequently, the works associated with the Party Wall Act, related to serving a Section 6 Notice on the right-hand Adjoining Owner.