Defects Analysis – Structural Movement

Client: Private
Status: Completed September 2021
Role: Building Surveyor
Sector: Residential

The property is a terraced two storey building in Harrow HA3 and structural movement was evident at the junction of the front bay and main building. Cracking at the junction of the bay is common because they’re built on shallow foundations in the main. The cracking viewed was initially above 5 mm, and potentially progressive (i.e. subsidence). The structural movement was monitored for 12 months, and seasonal movement was observed i.e. the cracking opened in summer and closed in winter. After pruning nearby trees and repairing damaged drainage the bay stability returned to reasonable seasonal tolerances.

Our role was to investigate the movement for the Building Owners/Building Insurer. This involved carrying out an initial assessment, monitoring, specifying the remedial works and administration of the repair.

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